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Ann Coulter Silenced: Speaking Invitation Revoked By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious Victory For Political Correctness

I do take responsibility in not doing the proper research. We did not properly vet a potential speaker for Fordham University.
— Theodore Conrad, president of College Republicans at Rose Hill

I sure hope the Fordham College Republicans remember this the next time a liberal who gleefully insults conservatives (and there are a lot of them) is invited on-campus and you’re told to shut-the-fuck-up because it’s free speech.

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  1. n.n

    A minority of Americans supported slavery and discrimination; while a smaller minority yet directly profited from its preservation.  Most Americans never supported slavery or discrimination; however, only a smaller minority actively opposed it.

    That said, a majority of Americans either on principal or through confused priorities support the elective termination of developing human life when it is most vulnerable and literally without a voice.  This is the foundation for a progressive devaluation of human life.

    Apparently, they also don’t properly vet or, more likely, are distracted from vetting (for reasons of personal welfare), the people they choose to represent them.  The respect neither individual dignity nor an intrinsic value of human life.

  2. Tallyman

    RINO compromiser in training.   He kowtows and prostates himself to win favor.

    • The Machine

      There’s a missing “r” in there somewhere…


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