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Obama considering John Kerry for job of defense secretary
Sen. John Kerry a ‘front-runner’ for Secretary of State, US News media reports
The only good thing out of this should be the roughing up and use of his own words against him during confirmation hearings. It’s all downhill after that….

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  1. The Machine

    As for the confirmation hearings, if I were there, I’d HAVE to ask him to show us exactly what Cambodian Christmas Carols sound like.

    And show us your lucky hat again…

  2. Ilion

    Speaking of the “Department of Defence” … when I’m Dictator, one of the first things I’m going to do is change the name back to “Department of War”

  3. Ilion

    Kery knows how to salute.  He probably also knows how to salute the flage during the Pledge of Allegience.  So, as you can see, he’s perfect as Sec. of Def.

    Plus, it gets him out of the Senate.

  4. Trishmac

    Really? This commie anti-American, Jane Fonda loving, Swift boated, proven liar of the Viet Nam War? Really? It would be like considering Christie for Obesity Csar.

    But it should not surprise me. This is the age of complete dishonesty and total lack of responsibility.


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