Did Obama Really Help Susan Rice Here?

While attempting to defend a potential nomination of Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary of State, President Obama admitted he sent her out to explain the White House’s position on the attack of our embassy in Benghazi. But since we now know U.S. officials had real-time updates from Americans on the ground there, and that terrorists were immediately suspected, why was Rice days later on the Sunday talk shows blaming the attack on a YouTube video?

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  1. Tallyman

    Susan said, “She also held “lingering fears” that her accomplishments would be diminished by people who attributed them to affirmative action.”   So we should not attribute her dishonesty or her public lying to her affirmative action education.   Barack, tough guy, defender of women, especially for free contraceptives,  is telling those two old white men, McCain and Graham, to come after him and not that poor defenseless little Black female needing his affirmative protection.  Is Barack, the bully of women, telling that NH female Senator, Kelly Ayotte, to come after him also.  Those three Senators should call his bluff with put up or shut up.   Demand a sworn statement by Barack about questions involving his acts and timing in regard to Benghazi.    The liar Barack claims the White House told Susan what to say and the White House is not him.
    Judge Susan and Barack by the failings of their individual characters and not by the color of their skin.  The narcissistic Barack has thrown Susan under the bus to cover for his lies and malfeasance. Too bad, Susan doesn’t have the character necessary to return the favor to Barack.


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