What Kind Of Head Trip Is Broadwell Sending?

Paula Broadwell holes up in brother’s Washington, D.C., home as scandal widens
Women can be quite unpredictable as it is? What’s her lost and found driver’s license all about?

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  1. The Machine

    Rock Creek Park

    Rather infamous place IIRC and I do, and past acts of espionage and other assorted derring-do is why I remember it.

  2. Chris

    Another few days and the “connect-the-dots” chart is going to need a really big wall.

  3. Igor

    Nevertheless, it’s STILL a smokescreen for the Benghazi mess!

  4. Tallyman

    Missing license possibilities: coincidence~10%   Create plausible deniablity in court and/or media that someone else stole or found the license earlier and used it for false identification to police or others elsewhere ~90%    This is the JFK and crony hanger women scandal updated 50 years later, with the young interns replaced with “higher class” maturer associates/providers.   Like with Kennedy scandal, the media never reported.   Power corrupts.  Honest moral men send these providers elsewhere.


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