Who Should Be The Next Speaker?

House GOP Leadership Battle Divides Top Republicans
Who should be the next speaker: a female Romney, a reliable conservative, someone we can’t always trust, or someone else?

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  1. n.n

    Savita Halappanavar: Woman died from blood poisoning after Irish medics refused to perform an abortion because she was in ‘a Catholic country’

    Human rights activists reject elective abortions, while the issue presented for popular consumption is a woman’s right to life. However, the principal rationalization of abortion for reason of male and female welfare is either obfuscated or ignored, and the premeditated termination of an innocent human life is then justified. They use the same trick to rationalize progressive involuntary exploitation and denigration of individual dignity. I believe the clinical term is redirection, which not incidentally coincides with the psychological disorders projection and displacement. The result has been progressive corruption (and dysfunction) and a general devaluation of human life.

    The Republicans, when they remain true to their principles, are fighting an uphill battle to overcome people’s base nature.

    Colonel and Representative Allen West would be a fine choice to lead the House.

  2. Tallyman

    Boehner failed.  The fiscal cliff was his work with Obama and Reid.  The runaway spending was continued for two more years under him.  Boehner thwarted the Republicans in the House who had and still do the mandate of the people to end the spending.    Boehner had the mandate of 65+% of the people to stop Obamacare, but Boehner thwarted that and allowed it to be funded, even though said funding was totally under his direct control. The boy is a compromising coward and wimp, who thinks his suntan makes him cool in DC.  One of the contributory things to Romney’s defeat was the reality that electing Republicans in the House under Boehner brought no end to the fiscal insanity. (Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me became the thought and reality for many voters)     Throw the failed cry-baby bum out.

    • Igor

      HEAR, HEAR!!

      (I voted Cathy back in office because the Democrap running against her was orders of magnitude worse, but I tried to get somebody else in there during the Primary.  Didn’t work,  sorry!)


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