A Sincere Thank You

Wow! It kind of makes me wonder what may of happened if I’d have asked if any of you knew of a nice girl I could invite out for dinner….?

You will never know just how grateful I am to know such wonderful people who came through in such a time of genuine desperation. I (and my blood pressure) will always be grateful for your friendship, generosity, and the knowledge that what I do is of the value worthy of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Tabcola

    I would ask you out if I was still in VA. But sent what I could instead. If you are ever down this way, I would happily take you to dinner!  🙂 You and Cory are the best and deserve the best! Hope you both find GREAT happiness! ♥

  • Steffani

    You we all love you, Bob.  Take care and keep up the great job you do every day!

  • WDC

    Nice girl to marry?  I already got that one, but I am trying to find someone for my sister,,,,,,??????

  • Chris

    Bob: As I wrote earlier I am always glad to help others when I can.  Here’s some more help…

    As far as girls I can only suggest the following: Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Damn, I was gonna help out.  Last night my internet was frotzed, but I came on this morning, and it’s already better.  Well, I’m glad things worked out.

  • Igor

    I know a few, Bob, but the commute between Spokane and DC is hell.  Sorry.  Not sure of their ages, either.

  • Maddie

    Gave what I could, Bob.  Hope it all works out!

  • Palmetto

    I was delighted to help — every morning you are there for me.  I do wish I knew a girl, though. . . . .LOL.

    • You and me both. It’s lonely at the top… 😛

  • GoodMojo

    Late to the game, but I’m in.  As was stated above, you’ve been there for me.  I now proudly stand with you.

    As always, thanks for all you (And Cory) do!


  • wookiebush


    just sent you some Ecash. Hope it helps squidly.



  • aelfheld

    Link in the post is jacked up.

    To the PayPal button!

    • I deleted the link as it was tied to when I opened the account from my end this morning. Please use the PayPal button on the upper right.

      Thank you.

  • FastHotRod

    As Veterans, we take care of our brothers who need a hand. I’m glad I am in a position to be able to help you out.  Best regards.


    • Amen, FastHotRod.

      • Tabcola

        Not a Vet but LOVE OUR TROOPS AND VETS! Amen!!!

  • Igor

    Readers, to the rescue! 

    C’mon, everybody, Bob’s been there for us, time for us to be there for him and Cory!

  • Chris

    I have enjoyed your site for years and it is one of my few sites I visit daily.  I subscribe to WSJ and the local Gannett rag so why not you.  2012 has been good to me (along with all the others).  I do not need to know why you have made this request at this time but wish you well and hope any situation you have encountered will resolve itself soon.  A few hundred more small donations similar to mine should help.

    My best to you.

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