A Sincere Thank You

Wow! It kind of makes me wonder what may of happened if I’d have asked if any of you knew of a nice girl I could invite out for dinner….?

You will never know just how grateful I am to know such wonderful people who came through in such a time of genuine desperation. I (and my blood pressure) will always be grateful for your friendship, generosity, and the knowledge that what I do is of the value worthy of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. Tabcola

    I would ask you out if I was still in VA. But sent what I could instead. If you are ever down this way, I would happily take you to dinner!  🙂 You and Cory are the best and deserve the best! Hope you both find GREAT happiness! ♥

  2. Steffani

    You we all love you, Bob.  Take care and keep up the great job you do every day!

  3. WDC

    Nice girl to marry?  I already got that one, but I am trying to find someone for my sister,,,,,,??????

  4. Chris

    Bob: As I wrote earlier I am always glad to help others when I can.  Here’s some more help…

    As far as girls I can only suggest the following: Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley and Nancy Pelosi.

  5. Mauser

    Damn, I was gonna help out.  Last night my internet was frotzed, but I came on this morning, and it’s already better.  Well, I’m glad things worked out.

  6. Igor

    I know a few, Bob, but the commute between Spokane and DC is hell.  Sorry.  Not sure of their ages, either.

  7. Palmetto

    I was delighted to help — every morning you are there for me.  I do wish I knew a girl, though. . . . .LOL.

  8. GoodMojo

    Late to the game, but I’m in.  As was stated above, you’ve been there for me.  I now proudly stand with you.

    As always, thanks for all you (And Cory) do!


  9. wookiebush


    just sent you some Ecash. Hope it helps squidly.



  10. aelfheld

    Link in the post is jacked up.

    To the PayPal button!

    • Black & Right

      I deleted the link as it was tied to when I opened the account from my end this morning. Please use the PayPal button on the upper right.

      Thank you.

  11. FastHotRod

    As Veterans, we take care of our brothers who need a hand. I’m glad I am in a position to be able to help you out.  Best regards.


  12. Igor

    Readers, to the rescue! 

    C’mon, everybody, Bob’s been there for us, time for us to be there for him and Cory!

  13. Chris

    I have enjoyed your site for years and it is one of my few sites I visit daily.  I subscribe to WSJ and the local Gannett rag so why not you.  2012 has been good to me (along with all the others).  I do not need to know why you have made this request at this time but wish you well and hope any situation you have encountered will resolve itself soon.  A few hundred more small donations similar to mine should help.

    My best to you.


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