The B&R Thursday Skim

Obama won the election with ´gifts´ to low-income voters, young Americans and minorities, says Romney in explosive post-mortem of the GOP 2012 campaign
Jindal: ‘Absolutely reject’ Romney’s explanation of loss
You lost for a variety of reasons (including self-inflicted verbal wounds), Mitt. Let it go…

This just in: Gen. Allen’s daughter is hot
And I am SO single…
Court hearing set Friday in West-Murphy vote-count dispute
Good, let’s get this out in the open
Why Does Clinton Still Have Her Job?
Expectations are real low in this White House
Joe’s Green Guarantee
A little late to be hearing more about this, but like we could count on the media before the election
Obama signs secret directive to help thwart cyberattacks
Can you imagine what the left would be screaming had George W. Bush done so many secretive things. You honestly think he could campaign on having a “kill list”?
George P. Bush Hasn´t Decided What He´s Running For, But Please Send Money
Sorry, but too much Bush can be a bad thing
Nearly 1,000 Uncounted Paper Ballots Found in Broward County, FL Warehouse
A fucking warehouse…?
Republicans lost the culture war
No, we sat back and let the left have it
A Scarlet Letter—the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell
It’s too bad David Petraeus wasn’t a Democrat. He would have gotten off (sorry) a lot easier
SolarWorld lays off up to 37 in Hillsboro, saying tariffs have yet to provide relief
“Tariffs” seldom do
´I can´t afford it´: Denny´s fast-food boss to charge customers 5 per-cent extra as businesses prepare for the arrival of Obamacare
I don’t hear liberals bitching about the antiquated Internet tax still on phone bills. Swallow
Obama vs. the Brass: Benghazi Cover-up, Agenda to Gut Military?
Beck thinks so and it kinda makes sense, knowing liberals as we do
Red Cross spent $181,000 to put up Sandy relief workers in Manhattan´s upscale Soho Grand hotel
Single comedienne Janeane Garofalo may face heavy tax bill after discovering she has actually been married for the past 20 years
Rob, were ya drunk?
Libya timeline suggests cover-up in attack
“Suggests” is very kind…
Now for a Public Service Announcement from the IDF
“Don’t fuck with us.”
Texas Instruments to lay off 1,700
This is becoming as common as a shooting at an R&B awards ceremony
Immigrant group balks at Obama reform wording
Sometimes I think Latinos are as smart as blacks. Obama fucked you over last election, you voted for him again expecting to honor a commitment?
Ryan to Obama: Get ´Revenue Through Growth,´ Not Taxes
Obama: “La la la la la la la….”
Hope Solo´s fiance, ex-NFL player Jerramy Stevens, arrested on suspicion of assaulting the soccer star
Why is it still “suspicion” after they let him go?
Secession: Confederacy of Dunces Plays Into Media´s Hands
We gotta be careful how we bitch. We get called on it
Sen. Graham To Obama: I Hold You Responsible for Benghazi
Can I get an amen!
Advance Illinois releases dismal report on education in Illinois
Once again government fails and demands more from us so they can continue to get paid to fail
Veteran F.B.I. Agent Helped Start Petraeus E-Mail Inquiry
Useless information is all we’re getting
Texas rep. nominates Gingrich for Speaker
Half of me likes that idea, the other half…

3 Responses

  1. aelfheld

    Red Cross spent $181,000 to put up Sandy relief workers in Manhattan´s upscale Soho Grand hotel

    I stopped donating money to the Red Cross after they ‘re-purposed’ the money donated right after 9-11.

    Haven’t regretted it one bit.

  2. Igor

    This, and the blowing of $1 mil on a frickin’ telephone system a few years ago is only a couple of reasons why I DON’T donate to these leeches.  They do good work, but hey aren’t lean and mean like my Church.  They are too bloated and act like a typical Gubmint Agency…  I’ll put my money where it’ll do the most good.

    Now for a Public Service Announcement from the IDF
    Don’t fuck with us. INCOMING!

    FIFY!!  🙂

    No, can we get Bonehead Bohner to pay attention instead?!?
    Texas rep. nominates Gingrich for Speaker
    Half of me likes that idea, the other half…
    Sorry, ALL of me shudders at that one.


  3. Tallyman

    BetrayUs is a Democrat.  His wife is a Democrat.   He carried out Barack’s harmful rules of engagement.  He enabled the reelection Barack  An honorable man does not sell his country and soul out for a promotion.   Watch this BetrayUs swine covers for Barack in today’s hearing.

    Bushes are a cancer in the Republican party.

    Romney supported Obama in the last debate.  A Tweedledee with Romneycare hoping to replace Tweedledum with Obamacare.


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