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A CodePink protester actually said our soldiers vote Republican like they’re “influenced to drink and smoke and be Christians”…?

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    • n.n

      It’s a progressive condition motivated by a dissociation from reality.  It happens for reasons ranging from the actual, including psychotropic drugs, to the imagined, including false promises.  In each case, it tends to metastasize due to a deliberate subversion of a feedback mechanism which would normally constrain the bounds of individual behavior.  This phenomenon occurs naturally when we are young (and unfamiliar with our world) and most of the risk inherent to life is voluntarily born by our parents.  However, in later stages of development, it is often evidence of individual defects, since it is often processed through involuntary or fraudulent exploitation of other people.

  1. aelfheld

    And if, God forfend, the United States is attacked and these people are subjected to the attentions of the invading soldiery (the assumption being a truly desperate soldiery) we can only hope their demands for protection by those they so roundly condemn will not be heard.

    • Igor

      What’s that you say, Barking Moonbat?  I’m having difficulty hearing you.

      Even God has a difficult time hearing the cries of those who have ignored or deliberately denied Him.  Note that he’s kinda slow to respond?  I wonder why?!?!

  2. Igor

    WTF indeed… is this a rational person?  Or just an echo chamber for Code Pinko?

    Nev’mind, I answered my own question.  What a Useful Idiot and Luser.  Sorry for repeating myself!


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