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Meghan McCain Joins Leadership of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry
Between bashing fellow Republicans on MSNBC or thinking anything about herself as “Dirty Sexy“, as long as it gets you attention, some people have no problem being a tool

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  1. Tallyman

    The apple fell next to the tree. The media craving lust was a congenital genetic defect with Megan.    Just because they put her face on the screen is not reason for Megan to believe it’s her beauty, intellect or charm.   For  Megan, the media’s interest is her stupidity and the media’s ability to label her as a vicarious object d’ridicule for Republicans. .

  2. n.n

    They fail to objectively classify behaviors for rejection, tolerance, and normalization. They fail to distinguish between individuals and behaviors. An accurate understanding of evolutionary fitness is yet another victim of progressive corruption. What, exactly, are they teaching in our schools?

    A dissociation from reality can be reasonably tolerated until it reaches critical mass in a population. Along with a successful advocacy to normalize dysfunctional heterosexual behavior, the effort to normalize homosexual behavior is contributing to an artificial progression to a terminal stage in human development.

  3. Cameron

    Does anyone outside of MSNBC honestly think of her as a conservative? It’s a shame that the duct tape can’t be more permanent…

    • Igor

      Not wide or long enough, it doesn’t cover her nose or eyes…


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