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Liberal Plantation Runaways
We dun piss massah off

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  1. onewiseguy

    That guy has some seriously good artwork on his website.

  2. n.n

    Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist

    Dreams of instant gratification cannot be realized without consequence. The nature of our world strictly limits the rate of fulfillment. So, the question becomes: do we value individual dignity? Is there a mutually reconcilable position capable of preserving it? Who will enjoy the beachfront property in Hawaii?

    Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won’t work

    Our reality is not zero-sum per se, but it does generally follow an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary model. It is simply amazing that many people’s comprehension of the basic order of our world is limited to religious antagonism, ego gratification, and material fulfillment.

    • n.n

      Your discovery? A little piece of history revived in modern times.

  3. n.n

    Liberty and uncertainty, or submission with benefits? People prefer security. People prefer to exist in a lower energy state with the conditions afforded by a high energy state. The Left offers a comforting narrative, where the context is conveniently excluded.

  4. Tallyman

    Welcome brother to freedom. Here are the words of John Galt: “Do not help a holdup man to claim he acts as your friend and benefactor. Do not help your jailers to pretend their jail is your natural state of existence. Do not help them fake reality. That fake is the only dam holding off their secret terror, the terror of knowing they’re unfit to exist; remove it and let them drown; your sanction is their only life belt.”

  5. Igor

    I’d like to take this to every building on every college campus and post them in prominent places.

    Then sit back and watch the Lib’s heads explode.


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