The B&R Sunday Skim

What’s the Matter With Florida?
Recount under way in West-Murphy race
They screwed up and messed with the wrong colonel

White House says it didn’t edit Benghazi talking points
It’s always someone else’s fault, yet who would have the authority to put words in the mouth of the White House…?
Israel Broadens Its Bombing in Gaza to Include Government Sites
It only becomes an issue to terrorists when they are targeted
TSA Vendor Denies Faking Test of Body-Imaging Software
This could be serious
Malalal Yousufzal and Radical Islamic violence against girls globally ignored
Here’s your real war on women, liberals
Republicans look to oust Franken
There are enough clowns on the Hill as it is
The Liberal Gloat
A childish trait to be sure
Israel´s Iron Dome Has Intercepted More Than 150 Rockets
Now we know why the bad guys didn’t like it
Bam hides terror truth
He says “go after me” and then takes off on a world victory lap
Wal-Mart files U.S. labor charge against union
Is Wal-Mart about to do a Hostess?
Advice for GOP: Don’t change your message; change the map
Let’s also add finding better candidates
Would-be killer decides against rampage at ´Twilight´ screening for Walmart instead
An amateur was thwarted. A professional terrorist could have done significant damage
Congress demands EPA’s secret email accounts
The “most transparent administration in history” won’t give them shit if there’s something to hide, which is why it now takes “demands”
FBI investigation of Broadwell reveals bureau’s comprehensive access to electronic communications
A little casual sex may have spoiled things for all of us
Tampa´s Wisteria Lane: Inside the Florida base where Petraeus and his generals held ´wild parties every night´
These are the same men treated like royalty in the ranks
New Yorkers displaced by Sandy can remain in hotels provided by FEMA
These things have a way of becoming very long term
Conservative Documentaries Still Needed for Obama 2.0
Enough of the preaching!

4 Responses

  1. n.n

    Less lawyers.  More warriors.  Good luck, Colonel West!

    New Yorkers displaced by Sandy can remain in hotels provided by FEMA
    These things have a way of becoming very long term

    It is meant to comfort, not rehabilitate. The same as our welfare system.

  2. Tallyman

    BetrayUs sold his soul to attend the bacchanals.   He became so desirable that two of the Bacchus’ Temple “virgins” fought over him.   Another media hyped “hero.”     The best defense for both BetrayUs and Allen is “who would want to have sex with either’s porcine wife?”

    Unintended consequences for Barack’s FBI:  Now, everyone knows their e-mails are being and/or could be read by the government without warrant.   The House Committee can now, subpoena from the service providers, all the EPA’s secret correspondence, since the US Justice Department under Holder claims no warrant is needed even for private intimate matters.


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