Bonehead Of The Day

Lindsay Lohan admits to ‘harassing’ her way into starring in ‘Liz & Dick’
‘Liz & Dick’ Producer Says “We Had Serious Challenges” With Lindsay Lohan
Lifetime movie starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor is half train wreck, half “SNL” skit
Lindsay Lohan mocked for ‘hilariously bad’ portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor
If you’re looking for a laugh on date night (and who better than to provide that laugh than Lindsay), this is supposed to be a good one. Start with the title…

3 Responses

  1. brotio

    I hope it’s a comedy. Lindsay isn’t pretty enough, or talented enough to portray Liz Taylor.

    I heard a rumor a couple years ago that a remake of Barbarella was in the works, with Lindsay in the Jane role. She’s certainly slutty enough for that.

  2. Igor

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a rodent’s donkey about Liz’s Dick.  Or Liz.  Or Lindsay.  Or Hollyweird.

    Maybe it’s just me, I guess……………………………………….

  3. n.n

    She had such a good start in life.  Somewhere, she veered way off course, and has yet to correct her trajectory.


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