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If you were contemplating buying the Hostess brand, would you want the very striking union employees that made their owner say “fuck it”? These now out-of-work workers think so….

Former employees of Hostess Brands Inc. are now hoping that a buyer will save pieces of the liquidating company and put them back to work. But now those that are out of work, including nearly 200 in Jacksonville, are hoping that someone will buy the popular Hostess products and reproduce them, the Wall Street Journal reports.

When things get to the point where reality sets in, it’s usually not a good situation.

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  1. Igor

    I see where a Bankruptcy Liduidation Judge told both sides to get back to the Arbitration table, they didn’t do it right.

    Methinks the owners of the brand just ought to say “Screw it” and tell everybody to go pound sand.  But that’s just me.  Cut their losses and run.

  2. Tallyman

    Does Obamacare offer extended  treatment for manic delusion?

  3. n.n

    There is a reason why they are workers.  Most people are neither pioneer nor entrepreneur.  They have little taste for accepting and little ability to manage risk, which is why they elect to exchange their liberty for submission with benefits.

    Speaking of strikes, I hope Walmart chooses to hold a job fair on the day unions completely expose their corruption.  There are around 8% of Americans who are unemployed.  Many of whom are low-skilled and low-knowledge (e.g. students), or simply looking for a low-energy, productive outlet (e.g. retirees).

    Isn’t striking on “Black Friday” — the single most profitable day of the year — tantamount to extortion?

    In any case, their demands for wage increases and affordable health care are served to the wrong entity.


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