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I know a lot of people in this audience are easily put off by parody. While this is really funny, they did make me step back a bit…

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  1. abubaca

    I do see one thing wrong with their argument. Most women I know, they want to be with a man. I’d say it better if I could. I already probably sound like a chauvanist. With that being said, I am the father in our home. The pader familia. I am the king, she is the queen. Together, man and woman, we teach our kids the things that the other cannot. My wife would take one of those guys and probably kick the shit out of them. How can she respect a man that isn’t stronger than she is? She’s was raised on a farm. Likes shooting guns and fishing, yet still paints her nails and wears a dress. A woman like her could never be happy with a pansy.

  2. IT Nerd

    I believe every straight male needs a gay friend for advice on things our brains don’t consider.   You wanna marry her?  Feel free.  Her kids come along as part of the package.  And don’t be checking out her son.   That’s just wrong.

  3. n.n

    That’s actually not a bad argument. However, I am not homosexual, and I possess all of those desirable qualities. Well, except for the menage a trios. I’m just not into that. Regardless of its composition.

    There’s the compromise. The homosexual guys can have the Flukes… and sluts. Confusion loves company.

  4. Uncle Rick

    Funny. Women feel safe with these guys, for obvious reasons.

    Now, a tit-for-tat suggestion. What if, say, a few tens of thousands of Bible-thumping Southern Baptists join all the gay advocacy groups. They could easily constitute a majority, elect their own people as officers and spend all their money as they see fit. What’s to stop them?

    Think about it.

    • n.n

      Can normal people withhold their dignity, and suppress their sanity, long enough to escape detection?  It’s easier to float downstream than swim upstream.  A selective engagement with reality clearly affords them an advantage in the short-term.  While in the long-term, they have pseudo-estrogen proteins and effeminate men.

  5. Amberson

    No support for that here – I want one of those!  lol

    • Maddie

      The blond in the apron is MINE, Honey–back off! 🙂


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