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This is for all the haters who thought I’d be around for one, two years. I feel like I’m gonna be here for a very long time.
Justin Bieber, after winning Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist during the 40th annual American Music Awards

Justin may have created a few more “haters” after that display of youthful humility and gratitude.

4 Responses

  1. brotio

    No, Leave It To Bieber,

    I never thought you’d only be around for a couple of years. I’d never underestimate the inanity of 12-year-old girls. I just always thought you are a talentless little liberal fucktard.

    How’s that for being a “hater”?

  2. Igor

    Crotch rot is here to stay as well, Justin.  What’s yer point?

  3. The Dead Man

    …Vanilla Ice? No no nonono. I can’t live through the early 90s again.


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