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The fact the Melbourne Public Transit System felt they had to make catchy little video informing people of things that may hurt them clearly shows there’s a market.

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  1. Mauser

    I thought it was funny, and kinda cute, even if also Gory.

    You couldn’t do that here, the gory bits would be deemed “Too Intense” for the intended audience.

    • n.n

      It will convince no one. It will educate no one. It is simply a grotesque cartoon.

      For example, people have seen pictures, heard descriptions, and know what an abortion entails, especially late-term, and yet they continue to rationalize the elective termination of a developing human life for the pettiest of reasons, including personal welfare and livelihood.

      The people who do not respond to rational arguments, to emotional appeals, or to their conscience, will not respond to shock and awe. This is especially true when they can shift the risk to someone else. For example through “affordable health care” and net-negative contributory policies.

      Have you seen the grotesque anti-tobacco advertisements they produce in America? They are repulsive and ineffective. It is a product of juvenile minds.  Given a choice, people will gamble with their lives until experience convinces them to moderate or withdraw.

  2. Igor
    Dumb ways to try,
    To educate a dumb guy.
    Some ways to try-ey-ey,

    to spit in taxpayer’s eye.

    (Can I have my $20 now?)

  3. Tallyman

    Please, for the sake of our species, keep this from being seen by any Obama voter.    Most would need multiple viewings, because a measure of  intelligence is how quickly you learn.

    • Igor

      Shoot, ya should’ve learned this stuff by now.   Besides, it thins out the herd if the marching Morons DON’T get edumacated.

  4. n.n

    Demented ways to educate.  So many demented ways to educate.


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