Hypocrites Of The Day

It’s always fun to watch the hypocritical left eat their own.

Amnesty International workers in London walked off the job on Tuesday for the second strike in as many months in an embarrassing setback for an organization that campaigns for the rights of workers and is considered one of the world’s pre-eminent human rights advocates. The walkouts are a public airing of staff complaints that have been building for years, with tensions rising dramatically in recent weeks as Amnesty’s international operations prepare to re-organize.

When businesses deem it necessary to reorganize, a bottom line is a bad thing. If organizations like Amnesty International ran themselves like responsible entities and not like their philosophy dictates, they wouldn’t be in this mess today. Deal with it.

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  1. n.n

    This is so funny! And there is a union involved. Perfect!

    They are not hypocrites. They are liars. Their business is to manipulate perception.

    The civil and human rights businesses operate on a reactive model. That model favors collective external rights, while internally there is the normal graduated model. It’s the same model followed by communism, socialism, and other left-wing systems. They knowingly deceive people and make false promises, which, eventually, are recognized by the people as fraudulent and rejected, often violently.

    • n.n

      Bob, moderation on aisle “hypocrites of the day”. Thank you.

      • Igor

        I’m late to the party – what did I miss?  :0

      • n.n

        First, thanks for the assist, Bob.

        Second, Igor, WordPress was, once again, unhappy with my comment. And this after remaining on my best behavior for a prolonged period of time. Anyway, the moderation has been accomplished. The cause for speculation has been revealed.

      • Igor

        Yeah, my comments for today seem to be doing the same thing.  WordPress going on strike today, Bob??

  2. Tallyman

    Robespierre guillotined in the French Revolution.    Frankinsteins’ monster turns.  The prodigal runs out of money.  The socialist is broke after spending all of others’ capital..  The joy of seeing the ideological dreamers consumed in their own ideological fire.


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