Rep. West Concedes

“Leaders don’t need a title in order to continue to lead and also to be a voice….”

Well put, as usual.

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  1. n.n

    He lost a battle, but not the war .  Fight the good fight, Colonel West.

  2. palolojo

    Col West should fill the void left by the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is the perfect leader loyal, courageous, articulate, and  outspoken.

  3. IT Nerd

    Col. West:

    You can count on our support when you step back into the ring.

    IT Nerd

  4. Ilion

    It’s too bad that so few Americans care about election fraud; it’s too bad that so few Americans really care about the Constitution; it’s too bad that so few Americans really care about truth and justice — which, altogether, means there won’t really be an America for much longer.

    • n.n

      The battle at the Alamo purchased time for General Houston.

      The battle in the public arena exposes corruption.

      He lost a tactical engagement. The strategic offensive will continue.


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