Bonehead Of The Day

Outrage after woman flashes middle finger at Arlington National Cemetery and posts photo to Facebook to brag about it
‘We sincerely apologize’
Liberals only apologize after they’ve been caught and the bragging is no longer appropriate

  • Koala

    I feel for her parents.

  • n.n

    It is incidences such as this that call into question the sanity of any man or woman who would choose to sacrifice their life to preserve the quality of life for ingrates.

    Benghazi and SEAL Team 6 are other examples.

    For better or for worse, as with the economy, unless people end their lives or join the ranks of the unproductive, Arlington will invite new residents.

    • Tallyman

      John Galt, “I swear – by life and my love of it – I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”   She is the ungrateful taker, who refuses even the slightest payment for services rendered to keep her un-enslaved and allowed a morsel to eat.

  • RightSide

    She’s eligible to vote, too. Imagine that! Is there any wonder why people here in Massachusetts vote the likes of Elizabeth Warren into office? As comedian Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid”.

    • Igor

      “Ignorance can be fixed.  Stupid is forever!”

      • Koala

        Can I use your quote?


        • Igor

          It’s not mine, please feel free to mis-quote me all you want!  🙂  🙂

  • Tallyman

    Thank a teacher for what she learned.

    • n.n

      Are moral values instilled at school, at church, at a human or civil “rights” business, or at home?

      • Palmetto

        Obviously not any longer.

  • The Dead Man

    The important part to keep in mind with this bimbo is that she posted it before Veteran’s Day and was asked by her friends to take it down. She was also on a trip for her company and was in charge of 30 people who require care. The cameraman is also catching the backlash. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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