The B&R Black Friday Open Thread

Snow, fights, massive crowds… Nothing puts off the Black Friday shoppers as U.S. goes crazy for bargains
I’m just waiting for some hypersensitive, Obama-conscious activist to again assert the negativity associated with this shopping day’s nickname implies racism

  • n.n

    Look at all those starving people.  Their desperation is overwhelming.

    • Igor

      Warn me next time!  Grape juice out the nose!  Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Iron Mike

    Aah, the Spirit of Christmas – love of God,…love of our fellow man,…better to give a good shove than receive a push…

  • Amberson

    This is why this country voted for tyranny.  Where there is no virtue, there can be no self-governance.

    • RightSide

      Right on! People seem to care more about the bargain they may get at Best Buy on Black Friday than what a hand full of politicians are doing to the country. Unless there’s a “great awakening” when the Bush Tax Cuts expire in January, we all may be doomed.

      • Igor

        Well, we are “doomed”, in that there’s gonna be a crash.  Got your airbags (food,water, precious metals) ready?  This once great Country has fallen so far away from God that He is not blessing us any more, and the forces of Evil that were waiting in the wings are now center stage.  We (AND the economy) have further to fall, then we will have the long climb out of the darkness.

        I have not given up hope, just am aware of the train wreck that is coming.  What we see in these videos is a clear indication of the times to come, when the Love of Christ is no longer a part of the average American’s life and so it’s every (wo)man for him/her self.  “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is long gone these many decades – and this is only the second great commandment…

        • RightSide

          There’s sliver of hope but not much. So, yes, I’m prepared: pocket copy of the constitution, water, water purification tablets, R.E.M.,, a good supply of spam (That stuff just about lasts forever) , survival seeds and a place to grow food, guns, ammo, hurricane lamps with lots of lamp oil, candles, firewood, first aid kit (which I do need to upgrade to a full trauma kit), single burner propane stoves and extra propane bottles, sleeping bag, tent, bug out location, bug out bag with camping gear, shovel, saw, hatchet, machete. more knives than I can count, lots of rope, insulated boots, etc, etc. Perhaps a bit weak on ammo (which reminds me I need to call Kittery Trading Post to see if a back order showed up). All of which is just a bit of natural disaster readiness with a bit more for security and loot prevention. Be prepared is still a good motto 🙂

          • Mommy RN

            That’s why I live in rural Idaho. My entire town preps. It’s just considered normal prep for life. Granted, our kids can pray in public school, too. And they start marksmanship and hunting safety in fifth grade.

  • Mommy RN

    I will be shopping, but only for some butter. The crazies can have the mall… I do all my shopping online.

  • Koala

    I know someone has already beat me to it but, I also wonder, where is the NAACP outcry over “Black Friday”?

  • Tallyman

    Big Barack wants you to spend and borrow more and more.    The Ministry of Truth’s media responds with making believe you’ll miss something if you don’t participate this weekend.   Big Bernanke offers QE3, so that you’ll want to buy stocks and raise the market valuation.(The markets fell in response)   The Ministry of Truth hyped home sales and reported home builder stocks are booming.(sales are at post 9/11 levels and home builder stocks peaked before crash)   If you have a low credit score, Big Government’s Government Motors will loan you the cash that those greedy private car companies won’t. (Will Big Government bail out the buyers of GM cars or GM?)

    Big Government and Big Barack will be there when your prodigal spending ends with you broke.   They encouraged you to spend, so that you’ll fail and return to grovel for their loving handouts.  Is there a difference between free lunches offered to teen-aged drinkers by bars which resulted in the women’s temperance movement’s “There’s no free Lunch” and Big Barack’s EBT cards and phones?   Emmanuel Goldstein quotes John Galt, “Do not attempt to rise on the looter’s terms or to climb a ladder while they’re holding the ropes. Do not allow their hands to touch the only power which keeps them in power: your living ambition. Go on strike.”. .

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