Should Lindsey Stone Have Been Fired?

The First Amendment guarantees us the right to say stupid things, but we also need to be ready to face the consequences if a line is crossed. With that, should Lindsey Stone have lost her job because she got caught staging something stupid and posting it online for all to see?

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  1. Cameron

    If she was on her own as a private citizen, I would have thought it too harsh. But she was on a company-paid outing and made the company look bad. If you cause your company’s press secretary to work overtime to spin something, you should get fired.

    • Igor

      Just so.  And this is a real good reason why we should’ve fired Obambi on the 6th.  His press secretary is doing at least 3,000 rpm and gaining momentum…

  2. Larry Sheldon

    Bringing disrepute and all via the public outcry is sufficient cause in my opinion.

    The company rules and employment contracts all of my working life specifically mentioned such things with termination the probable outcome of violations.

  3. RightSide

    I’m a vet and think firing her over this photo was a bit harsh. A two or four week unpaid “leave” probably would have been sufficient. Having said that, if she was fired because they had severe reservations about her judgement, questioned how well she was performing her custodial duties during the photo shoot and wanted to mitigate the bad PR her continued presence may have caused then by all means let her be fired.

    But if they bent solely due to the public outcry then I think they went a step too far.

    I believe she was going for the irony goofing on the sign and it was a generic disrespect for the decorum of thee place not specific to veterans or the memorial. This is mountain out of a mole stuff. Bad judgement? Yes. Firing offense? No.

  4. aelfheld

    Her employer obviously thought so.

    And really, that’s the only opinion that counts.

  5. Larry Sheldon

    They have no right to make the employer’s customers think that the customer’s interests in the hands of people with such poor. judgement.

  6. IT Nerd

    Things in life you don’t do:

    1.  You don’t tug on Superman’s cape

    2.  You don’t spit into the wind

    3.  You don’t tug the mask off the ol Lone Ranger

    4.  You don’t disrespect the hallowed ground of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and identity is known only to God.

  7. Dave

    Her company paid her to go there, right? I feel if she is there representing a company, then she is to be held accountable if the company doesn’t want the fallout.

  8. Iron Mike

    I wonder why she bothered to go there in the first place…?

    Now she has to find a MoonBat employer – one who never watches the news or uses a computer…i.e….one who lives in the MoonBat cave…

  9. Lazarus Long

    Actions do have consequences and the employer thought it was in the best interest of the organization to part company with a liability.  Shame the electorate can’t seem to do the same.

  10. Tallyman

    It was politically correct to fire the vile Obamoid who dissed the messiah’s feigned hallowed place.


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