The B&R Sunday Brunch

Working on a very special project that’s been dear to my heart for years. Was finally inspired to complete phase one yesterday. The ball is rollin’….

Yes, that was a tease.

More shoppers seek to avoid the madness of stores as Black Friday online sales soar by more than 20%
Cory and I went to the Fair Oaks Mall on Friday just to get out of the house. We were in the car, heading back within a half hour
British Court Convicts Woman of Racism for Calling Woman from New Zealand ‘Australian’
Racism is the new shark
Seitz on Dallas’s Larry Hagman
Another great man who defined the lost art of acting
So Close Yet So Far
How the Implementation of Obamacare Will Make the GOP a Majority Party
Here Comes the Regulatory Flood
Obama voters gloat. Sure, they told us. Now, it’s time to face the ugly truth
Post Finally Digs into Growing Petraeus Scandal
They needed something to do
Would you like fish eggs with that? America´s first ever caviar vending machine installed in Los Angeles mall turns expensive delicacy into fast food
And you can eat caviar on Mondays!
You reap what you sow: Austerity now!
I can hear the why-didn’t-you-warn-us whining now
Morsi Urged to Retract Edict to Bypass Judges
Egypt´s Brotherhood calls protest to support Mursi
The ‘new’ Egypt
Same ol’ Hillary
The War on Men
No comment
Mexican immigrants in NY and NJ left homeless, jobless in Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath
Sorry. No one begged you to come here in the first place
WashPost Hails Patty Murray as Gaffe Beneficiary; Forgets Her 2002 Whopper Praising Osama bin Laden
We didn’t
Donald Trump´s children told him to STOP bashing Obama over fears he’s ‘ruining the family name’
Kiddies, if it weren’t for The Donald, you wouldn’t have a “name”, period
Poll: Tebow tops Obama as nation’s dream Thanksgiving guest
Tim wouldn’t charge you
Backed by Obama, sharp-tongued Susan Rice battles critics
It’s easy to defend a nice person. This won’t be easy
Irish Daily Star editor resigns over topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge
Next time, pick on someone people don’t like
Thieves strike storm-damaged Breezy Point homes over Thanksgiving holiday
In Storm’s Debris, the Macabre
It’s hard to feel sorry for some after Sandy because we are still talking New York
Singers continue long Wisconsin tradition of protest
And looking stupid…
Jackson Jr. shielding wife
Something tells me they’ll all get off lightly
Elizabeth Smart pens first book describing her abduction and nine-month captivity and how she was bound and raped daily
She must be broke

One Response

  1. Tallyman

    BetrayUs fooled the all knowing Washington Post editor.

    Morsi is Barack’s Egyptian puppet and Hillary’s poodle.

    Maybe Jesse Jr’s wife flee to the Mayo asylum, too.

    Will Bloomturd allow Breezy Point residents using threatening pictures of guns, if they promise not to use the real things?

    Dear Ms. Rice, MLK said you’re to be judged on your character, not with an excuse based on the color of your skin.

    Why marry a women who wants to be the man.

    The media told the sheeple to herd into the malls and spend.


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