Boneheads Of The Day

Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet? Students filmed pouring four-pint cartons over their heads
To answer that ongoing hypothetical, yes, these are the people who’ll be running things in the future….

  • The Machine

    “Look at me, Look at me, LOOK at me!”…

    • Igor

      No thanks, no thanks , NO THANKS!

      “In days of old when Knights were bold,
      and Teachers weren’t yet invented,
      You’d go to school and be a Fool,

      and come out at 3 o’clock, contented!”

      I think we’re back to that point.  Except now we have Teachers.  Oy!
  • n.n

    Celebrity Deficit Disorder (CDD) will cause what are otherwise normal people to seek recognition even through notoriety.

  • How much do you want to bet that these same morons will whinge about something called “Hunger!” … for which, oddly enough, the proposed “remedy” is always More Socialism and Fewer Personal Freedoms.

    You know, swallowing goldfish was stupid … but it wasn’t wasting food.

  • Tallyman

    These morons are the spawn of the those running things now.

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