Boneheads Of The Day

Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet? Students filmed pouring four-pint cartons over their heads
To answer that ongoing hypothetical, yes, these are the people who’ll be running things in the future….

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    • Igor

      No thanks, no thanks , NO THANKS!

      “In days of old when Knights were bold,
      and Teachers weren’t yet invented,
      You’d go to school and be a Fool,

      and come out at 3 o’clock, contented!”

      I think we’re back to that point.  Except now we have Teachers.  Oy!
  1. n.n

    Celebrity Deficit Disorder (CDD) will cause what are otherwise normal people to seek recognition even through notoriety.

  2. Ilion

    How much do you want to bet that these same morons will whinge about something called “Hunger!” … for which, oddly enough, the proposed “remedy” is always More Socialism and Fewer Personal Freedoms.

    You know, swallowing goldfish was stupid … but it wasn’t wasting food.

  3. Tallyman

    These morons are the spawn of the those running things now.


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