Eric Holder’s Twin Shapiro Resigns AT SEC

For further assistance in your determination, you can look at the Weber suit against the SEC and Mary Shapiro. Mary Shapiro resigns at SEC was reported today. Are Holder and Shapiro Venal Twins? “In January 2008, President George W. Bush [in reach across to Schumer gesture] appointed Schapiro to the 19-member council of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.”

“Bernie Madoff, famous for his estimated ~$50,000,000,000 Ponzi scheme, said in an interview published on June 17, 2009, that Mary Schapiro was a “dear friend” [enabler] of his.” On Zero Hedge a commenter asks which is a more empty suit, but a better question is who was more venal and protecting of crime and corruption?

Weber claims that in recent years, while the SEC Inspector General’s office has been attempting to investigate the agency’s seemingly-negligent responses in such matters as the Bernie Madoff case and the less-well-known (but nearly as disturbing) Stanford Financial Ponzi scandal, two of the IG office’s senior officials – former Inspector General David Kotz and his successor, Noelle Maloney – were sleeping together.”

For info about Holder, check my prior post

The question is: are they equal twins or which is more venal? No racism or sexism, please.

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  1. Iron Mike

    She was an Obama appointee.  WHO can he possibly get to replace her?

    I know!  Either Chris Dodd or Barney Frank!


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