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Okay, it’s official. Obama is God.

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  1. Tallyman

    Out of the mouths of fools, sometimes comes insight.    The Freudian slip.

  2. bonnee

    I watched the video but found it to be so foolish (J Foxx is a comedienne and, in this case, plain foolish)  that I cannot take it seriously; for the time will come when both he and President Obama will meet the True & Eternal  God, Lord & Savior. On that day, I am confident – both will wish those words never spoken.

    However, what I find most grievous is that it appears to be an actual commerical…

    Having lived abroad for the last 4 years, if the media is that stupid – so be it.

    But that the American people should have drunk of the kool-aid so deeply that they are not disturbed by such nonsense?

    That is something worth crying over… :'(

    I honestly think that the American people are losing their minds…

    • n.n

      Not to belabor the point, and at risk of eviscerating a well-conceived pun (I actually appreciate some of the reactive measures put forth by classical Progressives), but that too is a progressive, and, unfortunately, terminal condition.

  3. n.n

    Without watching the video, which for reasons cited above would seems to be prudent, I would qualify him as a mortal god, who with the passage of time will wither and die just like the rest of us; but, not before running amuck and sponsoring progressive corruption.

  4. Igor

    Yeah, it’s official.  Gosh, I sure am glad we cleared that up!

    Who is that clown, anyway?  Oh, yeah, Jamie Foxx, right?  value his opinion as much as I value…. Red Foxxx.


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