Open Thread Tuesday

George W. Bush was crucified over the handling of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. I’ll bet you all know who his head of FEMA was. President Obama is getting a total pass on the handling of Hurricane Sandy and people are slowly beginning to realize just how much talk he’s always been.

  • Clint

    I would bet that only a few percent of policy holders understand that damage from flooding is not covered. Water damage is an area that has lots of caveats, and you should read your policy and understand how it works. For example, my policy covers damage from a burst or broken pipe, but not damage resulting from a slow leak. It also does not cover damage from “wind-driven water,” which I suppose would be included in coverage by flood insurance.

    I think that one problem we have is that people who live in high risk areas (Gulf and Atlantic coasts, for example) have come to believe that the federal government should bear the cost of replacing their homes and businesses no matter what kind of insurance they have (or don’t have). I think the responsibility of the government is in disaster relief and rescue, and repair and replacement of infrastructure; and individuals are responsible for paying attention to and paying for their own insurance sufficient to cover their needs.

    • Igor

      But the Gubmint is always ready to step in, right?  Especially Federal Flood Insurance, a losing proposition if I’ve ever seen one.  Losing for the taxpayers, for sure.

  • Tallyman

    In Barack she trusted and voted.   She wants Barack to take from us to give to her, because she didn’t buy government subsidized flooding insurance.    Try Christie next.

    • Igor

      “Put not thy faith in man, but in God.”  He’s a lot more trustworthy, for sure!

      • The Machine

        Ever notice that the insurance companies, for the most part, seem to be staffed and run by people who don’t believe in God — unless and until they can invoke “Act of God” to keep from payin’ for your loss?

        • Igor

          Oh, the Irony!!

          Yes, I noticed that…

  • Chris

    Hey folks!  Read your insurance policies and coverage before disaster strikes.

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