Rob Is Okay

One injured after fire breaks out in Fitchburg three-family home
Man slips from third-floor window to escape Fitchburg fire
Bobby’s okay, has some minor burns, has been released and is staying with friends

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  1. Maddie

    Sorry so late in responding, Bob. Can we do anything to help?

    • Black & Right

      Bobby sent Cory a pic I’ll opt not to post. His hands are burnt a bit but he should be playing guitar again within a couple of weeks.

      I’ve suggested he contact his landlord and inquire if he or she had anything to cover tenant property (fat chance) and reach out to the Red Cross and Salvation Army for relocation assistance.

  2. n.n

    I agree with Tallyman. A life spared is a life unfulfilled. There remains work to be done.

    I hope the effects will not be suffered without identifying the cause. There is nothing worse than prolonged uncertainty to depress a spirit.

    Good luck, Rob. I wish you a quick recovery and full peace-of-mind.

  3. Tallyman

    The gods were with him.  They must expect greater things.   Quick recovery and then upward.

  4. Igor

    YIKES!  Glad to see he’s okay, Bob – that could’ve been terrible!  Give him our regards.

    I’ve personally known two people that have gone through house fires – you never fully recover, but at least HE is okay.  Take care of yourself, son, your Dad and brother are happy you’re still with ’em.

    Let us know if there’s anything we readers can do, Bob.

  5. breadbasket

    I’m glad that your son made it out of a nasty situation ok, Bob.

  6. RightSide

    Luck and the Lord was with him. Terrible he lost his music. Thankful he’s okay.

  7. Steffani

    Truly your family has reason for Thanksgiving this holiday season!  So thankful he’s okay!  Hope you’re feeling well, too, Bob

  8. GoodMojo

    God is good!  Prayers for a speedy recovery of health and positive momentum!


  9. JP Kalishek

    sorry to hear he got burns and lost his stuff. Glad to hear he is still with us!

  10. IT Nerd

    Glad Rob is OK.  Stuff is just that – stuff.  It can be replaced.  People cannot.


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