Sick Week

Still waiting to turn the corner on this one….

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  1. n.n

    Make sure your virus signatures are up to date. There are new treatments created on literally an hourly basis.

    That said, stay warm, hydrated, and nourished, and you will emerge the victor.  Also, don’t overexert yourself.  It’s easy to underestimate the energy required to combat an invasion.  Good luck!

  2. tv2112

    An old lady I workk with (who I can’t recall ever calling in sick) said if you feel like utter crap becuas eof a cold, put Benggay or Vicks on the bottom of your feet and put socks on over it. She says it makes you feel 100% better. I was planning on trying it next time I get sick but maybe you can be the lab rat 🙂 Hope you feel better Bob!

    • GoodMojo

      Someone told me the exact same thing, not more than two months ago!

  3. Steffani

    Enjoy the rest, Bob.  Cuppa tea with a splash of Jack Daniels, little squeeze of lemon and a touch of honey.  My mom’s ‘cure’.  Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Tallyman

    Survive quickly with minimal suffering.   My father gave me scotch with squeezed lemon on ice for the Vitamin C..  .

  5. Igor

    Aargh,my head feels like it’s stuffed with a cubic mile of cotton and it’s in a vise!

    You get better Real Soon Now, y’hear!  That way, I’ll get better too.  I’m so selfish!  🙂

    Mommy RN, it’s been spreading through North Idaho/Eastern Washington like… the plague…

    • Mommy RN

      Wait a minute… are you in my stomping grounds? That’s exactly my neck (or panhandle, as the case may be) of the woods!

  6. Mommy RN

    Feel better soon. It’s certainly going around. We’ve had a fair number of nurses from our floor sick lately.


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