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“You know what you call the two winners of that $580 million Powerball lottery? Former Democrats.”

Again, I wish they would stop giving out this inflated dollar amount of what a lottery winner will receive and instead just show us all just how much the government will allow that person to keep.

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  1. The Machine

    Y’know, back when the rackets ran the numbers, they would deliver the full amount to the winners, in cash, in a paper sack…

  2. n.n

    That’s true.  The generational Democrat — typical left-wing ideologue — favors consolidation of not only wealth (e.g. capital), but also power, through the establishment of monopolies and monopolistic practices enforced through granted or coerced authority.  They disfavor private and individual holdings of capital (to marginalize or eviscerate competing interests), other than through selective redistribution schemes and grants of favor.  They operate with equalization regimes for the general population while retaining control in the hands of a minority.

  3. Tallyman

    Does a shepherd care for sheep or himself?  Oppressively tax the sheeple and divert with illusionary hopes and spectacles is the Modus Operandi.    Big Government runs the lotteries for its stupid sheeple as a tax on the sheeple herd.  Big Government takes its cut before the miniscule few sheeple are “rewarded.’   Then Big Government takes its further cut at the maximum tax rate for those “lucky’ sheeple in any State’s herd.

    From 1984, ” The proles live in poverty and are kept sedated with alcohol [now drugs too], pornography [+celebrity trash, i.e Lohan] and a national lottery,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nineteen_eighty_four      Big Government has replaced the free Roman bread by adding EBT feeding troughs, where the feeding sheeple vomit a cut back to their shepherd, Big Government, in the form of lottery purchases.  Big Government’s media has replaced the Roman Colosseum with viewing seats in each hovel, where different spectacles keep the sheeple mindlessly watching and emoting, instead of thinking and dreaming of escape to freedom.


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