Video Of The Day

Every time the owners came home, they found puddles of water around their pool. They thought neighborhood kids were jumping over the fence and sneaking a dip. After installing a hidden camera, this is what they saw….

BTW— Feeling a bit better so let me get my bearings before we start delving into fiscal cliff, Susan Rice, United Nations Internet power grab, FEMA, Obama campaigning foolishness.

5 Responses

    • Maddie

      True, at one point the owner stops the water from going down the slide and the dog waits for it to start again. Gotta be the owner’s dog. Besides, look at that fence! The back yard is a fortress!

  1. Igor

    Remember the video of the cat that was continually flushing the toilet?  These two outta get together!

    • JP Kalishek

      sometimes that is a function of the filter system and the noise is a pleasant cover up for others and they leave it on


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