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New Yorkers hit hard by Hurricane Sandy denied aid by FEMA bureaucracy
Angry New Yorkers say Obama pledge to cut red tape ignored by FEMA
Who will the administration blame THIS on?

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  1. Maddie

    I can say this as a New Yorker: Too f—ing bad, NY & NJ!! You elected this man-child KNOWING he didn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and that he had the attention span of a flea. He got his photo-op out of your suffering, and now he no longer has any use for you. You will NEVER see any FEMA money, and good luck rebuilding your lives, because you’re on your own.

    I made a donation to Red Cross, on the off-chance there were some blameless Republicans affected.

    • The Machine

      His words don’t seem to be so just to me at all.

  2. RightSide

    FEMA is too busy training their new youth army and all their dough is tied up in buying armored personnel carriers, billions of rounds of ammo and weapons to match. Thanks to Obama, FEMA is building a standing army and just graduated its first group of “Homeland Youth”.

    The big question is if we already have the National Guard why do we need these armed punks whose purpose is crowd control during population upheavals?

  3. OMMAG

    The Dems will blame everyone else. As for the victims still looking for someone to bail them out …

    An adult or even a rational child would realize it was their own damned fault for failing to take care of themselves.Blame yourself when you allow yourself to become dependent.

    I’m pretty sure there is something somewhere in The Bible about that.




    • Igor

      It’s on our money, or it USED to be:  “In God We Trust”.  All others pay cash…

  4. Chris

    FEMA response to Sandy?

    What does it take to educate idiots?  The Nanny State is broke.  You need to provide for yourself.  If you build (or buy) a house having a foundation of sand then don’t cry when it is all washed away.

    A few months ago the Just Us department settled a suit with about 5 of the biggest banks for writing mortgages for people that thought they were going to flip for a big profit before the music stopped playing.  The settlement was $25B.  They sent $2.5B to the states with no strings attached.  The rest goes to general operating expenses.  I don’t know if they have to send that to the Treasury Dept or if they can just spend it without Congressional approval.  The $2.5B?  Most of the states are just using the money for general budget purposes.  Think “pension plan funding” for unionized state employees.

    More wailing and tribulation is coming.

    Lots of employers that currently provide health insurance options for their employees are going to bail out in less than a year before the annual sign-up season for 2014.  Of course, the Feds will still be trying to figure out what the ObamaCare act contains.  Contact N. Pelosi for answers.  The chaos will be blamed on the Republicans for the 2014 election cycle.  It is all part of the grand plan of the Community Organizer in Chief.

    Of course, the Fiscal Cliff will also be another topic that will consume the idiots. The MSM is giving it plenty of coverage. Rise Above my ass. It’s the deficit, stupid!

  5. Tallyman

    These sheeple’s chosen gods, Barack and the Son of Mario, are just hollow idols of their own delusions in which they trust for their “needs.”   The new math, which they have now been taught, is that one half wit + another half wit = just more half wit.  But being stupid delusional dependents that expect a savior, they will increase their moaning about their needs to the same false idols.   “Each according to his need” or his moaning is their golden rule.    They made their beds with and voted for their keepers.

    • GoodMojo

      I’ve been involved with a group looking into Agenda 21 in our area.  It was amazing to find out just how far these things have progressed.

    • Igor

      We in the 912 project were well aware of it over two years ago.  Maybe 3.  We’ve been keeping an eye on the City Council, as well as the County Commissioners.

  6. Uncle Rick

    The real question is: Why is anyone – anyone at all – surprised? New Yorkers – and everyone else – need to take a hint from the way Texans handled the devastating Bastrop fires two years ago. Without FEMA. When they showed up and tried to take over the relief effort, they were shown the door.


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