Obama-Hollywood Backlash Of The Day

Brad’s bomb: New Pitt movie is his worst opening since ’92
Flashback: Snoop Dogg, Brad Pitt Endorse Four More Years of Obama
These celebs were in our face, questioning our intelligence, turning our family members and friends against us, and it would appear at a cost…

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  1. Maddie

    Not sure how much of this soft opening is attributable to these clowns having an overinflated sense of their work, but I held off seeing ANY movie this year, and will continue to do so for the next four. Smart people are saving their pennies for Recession II, which these Libtards helped bring about.

    • n.n

      We are currently in a recession.  It is only through monetary devaluation at the rate of 10% of GDP (other manipulations and mitigating circumstances), which prevents us from observing the true condition of our state.  There will be a contraction.  Our economy is not capable of fulfilling everyone’s dreams of instant gratification.

      • Igor

        Socalism always works until you run out of OPM.

        That’s just something that CAN’T be ignored or gotten around.  We’re already over the cliff, we just haven’t “landed” yet.

  2. The Machine

    Just don’t go to any of their offerings. Let the $$ dwindle.

    Teach the how the capitalist system works…

    • n.n

      Ah, the power of private capital in a free market.  The people vote with compensation received for the product of their labor.  Voluntary exploitation is positive progress.

  3. Tallyman

    They had offered the illusion of their eliteness, but then opened their unscripted mouths to instruct their fans with the stupidity of their politics to please their Hollywood masters.   One cannot serve two masters.


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