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Bobby says he can use his hand again in a couple of weeks…

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  1. Mommy RN

    I worked pediatric burn for a number of years. Both the limits to his injuries and the speed with which he appears to be healing are wonderful gifts this holiday season. Tell him to continue to get well with many prayers and well wishes… and God’s continued blessings to your entire family. Truly, He was looking after your son that night.

    • Igor

      Also, don’t forget to soak it in Epson Salts solution periodically.  That will help a bunch.

      If by some chance you have an Asea dealer near y’all, go get a bottle.  VERY effective in restoring tissue and healing.  You should see my finger 1-1/2 weeks after cutting my left index finger to the bone with a utility knife.  Good thing the knife was sharp………

  2. The Machine

    It is a blessing that his hand is not damaged so badly that healing will restore.  Godspeed.

  3. PB-in-AL

    Oh man, and the fretting hand, at that. Praying Rob heals quickly and fully!


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