Liberal Indoctrination Of The Day

EPA Appoints 11 New Members to the National Environmental Education Advisory Council
Stand by for little know-it-alls to come home and tell you how much evil power you’re consuming… after they charge their phones

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  1. The Machine

    Teaching Summer School at the middle school thru high school level this past season (private schooling in our church) I found out that every one of them thinks that electric power is clean, always available, somehow vastly and magically much more efficient than burning fossil fuels, even though the electricity is generated by a coal fired plant here, easily viewed from the road on every trip to and from the school, and that neither them nor any of their teachers have the faintest concept of what the Laws of Thermodynamics have to do with anything.  I showed them.  Whether or not the truth is accepted by them is an entirely different issue, unfortunately.

  2. Tallyman

    Feed the sheeple’s brats only broccoli, brown rice, soy beans and other beans all blended together as fodder without any salt or sugar for every meal and plain water, so the sheeple’s brats can save their planet. Train them to praise their Lord, Barack, for his omniscience. Give each brat a red shirt which says, “one of the best, who eats what our Lord provides and who praises our Lord and Savior of our planet.”

    Lord Barack love his sheeple as Frank Perdue loved his chickens. Both would eat out of each’s hand.

  3. Chris

    The indoctrination machine continues.  Don’t kill or eat sea kittens (fish).  Sharks, wolves, grizzlies, polars, cougars, coyotes, rattlers, pythons (even though they are non-native), crocs and gators, feral cats, Bambi’s offspring, etc all have a right to co-exist in your neighborhood.  All regulated by people raised in the big cities that believe their local zoo is what the real world is about.


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