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BRUTAL PHOTO: Protesters In Egypt Slam Obama
I’ve always believed the people on the ground know best

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  1. Subliminal Watch

    The sign is quite descriptive about Morsi.   He is an unclean (in Islam) female dog kept by Obama like woman or as a dog on a leash, with Morsi yelping for billions in cash for needed food and fuel subsidies.   See my earlier post:  http://www.black-and-right.com/2012/06/25/will-god-provide-or-is-hope-for-egypt-delusional/

    @n.n. Obama craves absolute power and would be delighted if his dog seized it in Egypt.    The narcissistic Obama exhibits the combined cravings of both his parents.   Absolute power corrupts absolutely.and Obama and Morsi were corrupt before they had power.

    • n.n

      That is my impression as well.  Corruption is a progressive process.

  2. GoodMojo

    I’m less concerned with Morsi being BHO’s bitch, than I am that “Uncle Sam” seems to be bending over in front of him.  Selfish?  perhaps.  Justified?  I certainly think so.  I hope not, but I think so.

    It would not do for me to have the artistic ability to paint or draw what I think at times like these, I would be sure to make some leftist heads explode.  Maybe I should take lessons…

  3. n.n

    I wonder why Obama prefers imperial Islam.  Perhaps his Luo ancestors were of the sect which conspired with those Muslims.  His corrupt perspective of individual dignity and sanctity of life may be a product of his father’s heritage; and his mother’s ancestors were no better.  It seems both nature and nurture have stacked the deck against a possible virtuous Obama.

    Anyway, it seems that regime change is no longer newsworthy, or doesn’t have the same stigma as before.  There seems to be little concern that regime change is occurring without structural support.  It makes the incident at Abu Graib and the psychologically harmful “water boarding” of a couple of terrorists seem inconsequential.  Collateral damage to innocents is now inconsequential.  The forecast outcome doesn’t seem to justify the means.

  4. Tallyman

    The truth shall set you free.   The message is aimed colloquially to Americans.  “Mohamed Morsi, Barack’s Egyptian running dog,” would be on my poster to view in Egypt.


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