The B&R Wednesday Skim

Ed Asner Under Conservative Attack Over ‘Tax the Rich’ Teachers Union Video
Direct messaging access to children (c’mon, whom else was this video made for?) is the number one obstacle Republicans need to address before we start talking about winning elections again

Purged conservative reps: Boehner planning to ‘run over’ conservatives, vote for tax hike
Remember this the next time you see this man and his faux tears
Romney’s defeat caused by ‘extraordinary’ drop in white male support as autopsy of failed Republican campaign gets underway
As I told Romney supporters in Massachusetts in 2007, it’s not just about raising money; it’s about the message. But hey, what do I know…?
Will Google’s Eric Schmidt join the Obama administration? Cabinet shakeup watchers say yes
One lucky uncle? He’ll drink to that!
Move over, eagle. The national symbol’s about to become the banana
Volvo develops the ‘no death’ car: Vehicles which drive themselves and are totally crashproof could be on British roads in eight years
And will that bring insurance rates down significantly? I wouldn’t bet on it
How do Right-wing parties attract immigrant voters?
That’s a tough one
Pundits Pin Blame For Murderer Jovan Belcher On Everything But Him
Pundits are used to mirrors where they’re always made to look pretty
Dick Armey leaves as head of Tea Party-tied FreedomWorks
Top FreedomWorks Staffers Depart in Wake of Armey´s Resignation
Inside the Dick Armey, FreedomWorks split
You remember my early opposition to politicians co-opting (and cashing in on) the Tea Party….
Suicide bomber attacks army base in northwest Pakistan
Has the War on Terror failed? Number of terrorist attacks Quadruple in decade after 9/11
Another convenient question to be asked AFTER the election
GOP Calls for Benghazi Select Committee
That would require some kind of transparency from this administration. Next….
Honey Boo Boo makes Barbara Walters’ list of Most Fascinating People of 2012
Anna Wintour a possible ambassador to U.K. or France?
Flashback — Vogue ran loving profile of Syrian first lady as Syrian gov’t slaughtered its people
Who needs good judgment when you can raise money for a president?
Report: CIA ‘officials’ behind Benghazi talking points
Families want to know what happened in Benghazi
The administration doesn’t want us to know. That’s all that matters

3 Responses

  1. GoodMojo

    According to “”, Ed’s worth about $1.5 million.  That’s a lot of money to someone with less.  You know who I mean, “the less fortunate”.  If only lefties could be forced to confront their own hypocrisy…  Scratch that.  Even that would require a personal integrity anathematic to leftists and leftism.

    Pundits Pin Blame For Murderer Jovan Belcher On Everything But Him

    Gun control will never work, because self-control is what’s required.

    Do these pundits understand that even though murder is against the law, people still find reasons and ways to commit it?  Are they really so obtuse?  Of course they are.  Even the author of  this linked article (which is otherwise quite good) is trying to use this guy’s number of guns as evidence of his predisposition for violence.  I am a gun owner, and I know a lot more.  Not one of us has ever shot or killed anyone.

    Would the author, or anyone else for that matter, feel better if Jovan Belcher had choked his woman to death, then jumped off  bridge?

    GOP Calls for Benghazi Select Committee

    The GOP is now, as the Jamaicans sometimes say, “a dog with no teeth”. Like Bob says:  “Next!”

    How do Right-wing parties attract immigrant voters?

    I agree with Igor, on this 100%!  As a reminder to some, I would also reference Nashville  (though now nationally syndicated) talk radio host Phil Valentine’s “Demagnetize America” campaign.

  2. Igor

    Well, no.  There’s still a LOT (read: majority) of cars on the road piloted by the Mark I human brain and the Mark I human eyeball.  That won’t change for some time!

    No it’s not – if you’re LEGAL, it’s a no-brainer.  If you are ILLEGAL, don’t waste your time trying.

    We’re accelerating down the slippery slope to Hell, aren’t we?!  Sheesh!

  3. Tallyman

    Romney lost because conservatives didn’t trust him to not be Obama-lite, while Republican hacks expected independents to trust Romney as better slightly than Obama. Romney couldn’t even run a Hope and Change Hustle like Obama. Obamacare = Romneycare. Obama foreign policy = Romney’s Obama’s rich cronies = Romney’s rich cronies. Obama crony corruption = Romney crony corruption. A larger majority than that of the Obama vote total didn’t trust Romney to be significantly different from Obama.. Better the devil you know.

    A man murders his mother-in-law. Is the knife to blame; the seller of the knife; his mother-in-laws mouth; his wife listening to the hag; his parents for failing to teach morality correctly; the crumbs his wife dropped in his bed the night before; the weather; global warming?

    What happened in Benghazi: Barack dithered and failed to act


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