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Parents Upset Over Principal Allegedly Punishing Students For Not Standing
Capital High principal says no one forced to recite Pledge
Sorry, I must not be black enough because I didn’t know there was an “African American National Anthem” I was supposed to stand for…

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  1. OMMAG

    Apropos of nothing in particular …. perhaps …. but that picture of Clinton Giles strikes me as a photo of a genetic mistake … I’d bet that he is a sub normal IQ to go along with his idiotic behaviour.

  2. tv2112

    I want my Native/German/Spanish/Polish/Mexican/White mix anthem !!!!!!  And it better sound like an Irish drinking song !!!

    • n.n

      They are all “white”. They are all “red”. They are all “brown”. Why should their ethnic and cultural differences be recognized? Can those differentials and gradients be exploited to advance my political, economic, and social standing?  What value do they present in a color-obsessed society?

  3. Tallyman

    “Remember, everybody is somebody at Capital High School,” reveals the intellectual content taught at this school.  The references to God in the song would make it anathema to the PC cabal.    Likely, very few of the students could understand the message about being true to the God of our native land and its liberties. Instead a new god, Barack, reins, who would take away the liberties so long sought.
     On “January 20, 2009, the Rev. Joseph Lowery (former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) used a near-verbatim recitation of the song’s third stanza to begin his benediction at the inauguration ceremony for President Barack Obama.”

    There was no real benediction following Barack’s inaugural, there was only a malediction for the nation and Blacks.  Barack believed he was the god referred to.

  4. n.n

    African-American what? Integration is supposed to represent positive progress. It’s unfortunate that we chose the ambiguous “progress” instead.


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