Michigan: Aren’t Most Union Thugs Angry White Men?

Union activists gather near Michigan Capitol, chanting opposition to right-to-work legislation
Not a very enlightened looking lot, are they?

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  1. PB-in-AL

    “Gloria Keyes of Muskegon, who also works for Alcoa, said she is concerned that workers’ wages and benefits will be reduced if the legislation passes.”

    I am so damn tired of hearing this sort of whining from the unions. Why is it ok that I’ve had 4 pay cuts, no cost of living increases, and reduced medical benefits since 2007, yet they DEMAND more.?! Part of the reason I’ve been willing to put up with this is that I still have a job. Would I rather, like the Hostess union, have stood by my demands of maintaining status quo and lose my job, or give up some to stay employed… Hmm, seems like a no-brainer to me, I really like my house, and for it to have electricity, gas, food, etc., and so do my wife and kids.

    So, to Gloria Keyes of Muskegon and all the rest, GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELVES!

    Either we all have some skin in the game or we all get skinned separately.

  2. OMMAG

    Yeah … and they  just got promised a nice new hockey rink for Detroit. They should be smiling.

  3. Tallyman

    These obese glutinous cretins need a lot of hard work at Queen Moochelle Fat Reeducation FEMA Camp and to be retained there until they prefer broccoli.and learn to love a 1,500 calorie a day diet and that gluttony is greed that takes food from the needy..

  4. tv2112

    They are right to an extent. Unions did help bring about changes to help the worker. However, once these changes became LAWS the union is no longer needed. They became corrupt and use dues to buy politicians. I like the quote at the end of the article where they guy says its a proven fact that right to work states have worse economies. I guess he never heard of Texas or North Dakota. They have booming economies. Hell even offering 13 bucks an hour starting we have businesses closing because they can’t get enough employees to keep the doors open. And the foreign automakers non-union employees (in right to work states) love the fact they are getting paid the same as union workers but don’t have to pay dues or deal with union BS. So yes, Unions did help bring about needed changes but now they have outlived their usefullness since government oversight already does what they do.

  5. n.n

    The unions were a reactive response to real, perceived, and manufactured conditions.  They may have been motivated by principle, but they are not a principled movement.  As with other reactive movements (e.g. progressivism, feminism), they are vulnerable to suffer progressive (i.e. generational) corruption.  This is unfortunate, because they could have provided legitimate and needed oversight, but instead they are greedy bastards which demand compensation for the consequences of policies which they support.


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