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UPDATE: The nurse who ‘killed herself’ after transferring hoax call to Kate’s ward by Australian radio station DJs as family tell of their grief

Told about the tragedy last night, Vicki Heath, a spokesman for 2DayFM, said: ‘Is this is a hoax call? You’re having me on, aren’t you?’ Assured that the call was genuine, she burst into tears.

Not all that funny, was it?

‘You have her blood on your hands’: Australian DJs taken off air amid global revulsion at ‘sick prank’

2DayFM “CEO Rhys Holleran has spoken with the presenters, they are both deeply shocked, and at this time we have agreed that they not comment about the circumstances.”

Sounds like a statement issued by someone who’s just talked to a lawyer….

Kate and William ‘deeply saddened’ to hear ‘excellent’ nurse who put through Australian DJs’ hoax call has been found dead in suspected suicide
Kate Middleton Nurse’s Alleged Suicide: Twitter Explodes With Anger
Maybe some will rethink just how funny the humiliation of others really is….

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  1. Chris

    Actions always have consequences and not necessarily the desired ones.  What if Kate had miscarried and the palace wanted to keep private matters just that, private.

    Bob said it best when commenting about the prank of the little girl in the elevator.  The day may come when someone with a carry permit reacts to the wrong prank and has a George Zimmerman moment.

  2. Ilion

    Sounds like a statement issued by someone who’s just talked to a lawyer….

    … and understands the irrationality of modern western culture — such that Person B is assigned the blame for Person A’s self-destruction.

  3. tv2112

    I think it is sad that a story about the royal family garners more media attention than the economy tanking, massive layoffs, legislation being passed that noone reads (even though it affects all of us), flashrobs, mob beatings, detroit going bankrupt, etc… I wish the sheeple in our country would turn away from crap TV and celebrities and focus on real life for a bit. Or heck, just look in the mirror and ask what they as a person could do better.


      Amen brother! If it wasn’t for God’s good graces I wouldn’t be where I am now. If you call on Him in times of trouble He will provide. Faith is a great thing isn’t it? It’s amazing if you open your heart and eyes to Him, you see He gives you little things every day (and sometimes some really big ones!)

  4. Mommy RN

    Absolute evil. My husband is British and I spent time there growing up. I am sure that the poor nurse felt that she was putting the royal family through more of the same trauma that ended in the death of Diana. I can only imagine her horror… privacy is drilled into us as nurses but at the same time we are expected to keep the families informed. It’s a fine line to walk.

    I always appreciated that the pediatric hospitals used a code word for sensitive patients and I cannot believe that the hospital did not put that into place for this situation. It would have alleviated a lot of pain.

  5. The Machine

    A fallen people place blame everywhere but the true cause of the problem.

    As wih the recent football player’s “tragedy” and blaming the gun rather than the individual responsible, a case of domestic violence and nothing but a case of domestic violence, here we go again.  I mean, he shot her NINE TIMES.   That fact alone should indicate extreme rage.  Then consider the fact that this man was a football pro, easily capable of all sorts of physical action that could have resulted in her death anyway.  And apparently he had a history of this sort of domestic violence as well, and was being “treated” for it.  But don’t blame HIM, blame the gun.

    Now we have this story, and I’m sitting here thinking that you can do or say anything you like about yours truly, no matter how bad, I’m not going to be thinking that suicide would be the answer to that problem.  No, I likely wouldn’t like someone tricking me in that fashion, but then again, I would HAVE to also take the responsibility for whatever it was that I did or said in the situation.  If that violated the rules of the hospital, then I would have to state that I was wrong for disregarding those rules.  If it did not violate any of the rules in place at the time, I would have to say that I still must take responsibility for being duped by a couple of dumbass DJs.

    They may well be at fault for their stupid and even evil trick, but that is an entirely different story.


    Ain’t happenin’ here.

    I can say that because I have accepted the Grace of God and asked for His Holy Spirit as The Comforter promised, and have received same.  For those who think that sounds harsh, perhaps then you do not understand this concept.  Whatever.

    Now, there may be a new story the week after, for I might have to visit me some DJs and have a man to man chat….

  6. louielouie

    Maybe some will rethink just how funny the humiliation of others really is….

    bob is very often right on top of things socially/culturally.
    must have had a mental lapse before making that comment.
    considering the generation of these two, in about a month, the letterman/leno bidding war to get these two on the air, is going to be fierce.
    they didn’t do anything wrong.
    just ask ’em.

    • Ilion

      Their prank was in low taste — which is all the rage, these days — but they have absolutely no guily in this woman’s self-murder.

      All the piling-on to balme them for her self-murder is *also* a stirling example of what is wrong with Western societies these days.  You will notice that almost everyone, including “conservatives”, is joining the pile-on of false blame.

  7. Tallyman

    These typical pernicious media vermin are congenetically devoid of decency and crave adoration and/or just attention as their slob. There is no cure for their verminitude,


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