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3/30/12: NBC Deliberately Skewed Travyvon Martin Story with Selective Editing

George Zimmerman sues NBC and reporters
Pompous, overpaid, agenda-driven so-called journalists complain that we here on the web can’t be trusted because we have no editors or filters. At least we don’t manipulate people’s words thus risking their freedom and safety….

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  1. Ilion

    At least we don’t manipulate people’s words thus risking their freedom and safety….

    Plus, let us not forget the safety and lives of all the non-black people who were attacked by black thugs for “revenge”, due to the intentional stiring up of racial animosity by these “liberals” od the mainstream media.

    • Ilion

      I sometimes think that “liberals” *want* to stir up a racial civil war — and merely for the sheer excitement of it.

      • wlh76

        Liberal/leftist want to stir up civil war whether thru racial or economic status, not for the sheer enjoyment, but to have the constitution suspended, which is in effect what will happen if martial law is in acted.

        Look what Lincoln did without all the executive orders that are in place today. Remember Lincoln had congressmen, judges, and ordinary citizens arrested for disagreeing with him. Many of these orders are sealed so we will not know what all is entailed until it happens.

  2. Tallyman

    This is a tactic, which will allow Zimmerman’s lawyers to depose in the civil action the media’s hacks before trial to learn who said what to whom about Zimmerman in government offices and also then subpoena and depose those government hacks in that civil action .    i.e. prosecutors, police, and politicians there and in Washington.   This would show the prosecution was politically motivated, the racism charge was fabricated and would identify who was aware or assisted in generating lies.   Prosecutions are dropped to protect the peripherally guilty or despicable.  . As Mark Levin says: sue me and I’ll depose.   Clinton was disbarred for lying in a civil deposition.

  3. Koala

    Good to hear Bret Bozell finally calling it what it is. Lying!


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