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Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully.

PSY, rap during 2004 concert

If not for the “fucking Yankees” who died during the Korean War, it may not have been possible for PSY to cash in big time on a “Gangnam Style”. Words DO come back to haunt.

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  1. louielouie

    while in korea, i noticed firsthand, a very distinct generation divide on this subject.
    those of my generation would approach us, total strangers, and with my very limited korean vocabulary, i could make out, “thank yous”.
    those under 50. fuck ’em.

    • n.n

      The very nature of civilization serves to dissociate individuals from risk. A side-effect of civilized society is progressive corruption. A corollary is that only individuals capable of self-moderating behavior are eligible to enjoy liberty. This is why young or immature people have a predisposition to corruption and often engage in dysfunctional behaviors.

      There is an inherent paradox which is worth noting. The establishment of civilization enables and motivates individuals to engage in dysfunctional behaviors which were initially proscribed in order to establish the civilization. The normalization of dysfunctional behaviors engenders progressive corruption which becomes conclusive corruption. Then the civilization either disintegrates from internal pressures or is conquered by another people with a superior grasp of reality. Once the original order is marginalized or eviscerated, then the cycle will begin anew.

      As for “PSY”, his selective indignation would suggest that he is merely opportunistic. The same as many human (e.g. Amnesty International) and civil rights (e.g. NAACP) activists.

  2. n.n

    What lurks beneath…  The words are familiar and not so foreign.


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