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Why is it when liberals (who consider themselves the smartest people on the planet) say stupid things, they almost instantly come down with a case of amnesia?

“We must very, very, very, very understanding to our Native Americans, who lost and sacrificed because of the scalping that took place on Thanksgiving. They were invited to a dinner, and then their lives were taken from them.”
Principal Amod Field, public-address system announcement issued before the holiday break

Considering the outcome of the last election, emboldened progressives are going to continue to show their hand, and it’s an ugly one at that.

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  1. OMMAG

    Interesting how completely ignorant pipsqueaks like Amod Field manage to get themselves employed as bureaucrats so often. It’s as if there were some sort of test to determine total worthlessness as a hiring prerequisite.

    More interesting … read the comments at the NorthJersey dot com link …. the range of uninformed and just plain deranged opinion is breathtaking and stomach churning.


    • The Machine

      Well, there IS “some sort of test” for that.

      They merely took a look at his resume and college transcripts to make good and sure that the brainwashing was complete.

  2. perturbedchurchlady

    Won’t eat one less turkey leg or one less sweet potato pie slice because of it.  Thanksgiving today is what I’m thankful for regarding me and mine for, . .  TODAY!

    Next, . .  it’ll be a grudge against July 4th cause Crispus Attucks died “first” in the “Amer. R. War”.   Try coming for my BBQ and home-made ice cream to get me to hate a 4th of July picnic next and I’ll chop ya “blankity-blank” fingers off !!!!  ‘

    • The Machine

      “Hey Crispus, stick your head up over the barricade and see if’n you can see them British coming.”


  3. The Machine

    Reality time, Scalping was taught to the American Natives by the French as a way to account for the bounty offered on certain “revolutionary” Colonists.

    • Igor

      You Francophobe!!  It was Bush’s fault!

      I wonder what the Prussians/Hessians could have taught those poor unsuspecting Native Americans as well…

    • Ilion

      I really don’t think the Indians had to be taught how to scalp anyone … we were savages, after all.

  4. Tallyman

    We must thank the Indians for their self-sacrifice that first Thanksgiving day.   How many Indians assisted in the scalping of other Indians?   Was Amod’s affirmative diploma checked for authenticity?  The blind leading the blind has been affirmatively updated to the stupid teaching the ignorant.   Judge this system by its success in making Barack our king.


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