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Dems look to Obama to punish Michigan over labor vote
Is this what the next four years is going to be all about: a president whose job it is to deliver punishment to the American people?

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  1. n.n

    A president whose job it is to ensure the American people have employment opportunities which are determined by something other than timeliness and individual merit.

    That’s our Barack and Democratic (i.e. numerical leverage) party.

  2. Koala

    It would be so rich if the GOP would give Gretchen Whitmer the Sarah Palin treatment. A deluge of frivolous lawsuits  against her  that would leave her with nothing else to do but spend all her time in court.. This is what the GOP needs to be doing to as many dems as possible. Turnabout is fair play. When they complain remind them of their own behavior.

  3. Igor

    Yup.  This is what you can expect to see for the next two years, at least.  Hopefully it will get soooooooo bad that the sheeple will vote intelligently in 23 months.  Perhaps the horse WILL learn to sing…………

    Bob, start the countdown clock again, please!

  4. Tallyman

    His true believers call upon their Lord Barack to pour his wrath upon the those who follow other gods.


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