Hark, I Hear A Fallacy From Our Government Masters

Imagine the perfect world where Obama provides the free lunch, free phone and free dinner and you must comply with: your income + your EBT card= your expenditures. Are the sugar plums dancing in your head?  A wonderful pre-Christmas video is available to confound the delusional. From cafehayek.com….

It’s an especially good message for those friends and relatives who have their heads in the sand about our economic future. Keynes is the economic darling of Obama, Reid, Krugman, Geithner and Boehner, because he says what they are most happy to do, spend others’ money. (In Keynes defense, he said spend only in recession; pay back the borrowing in recovery) But Obama, Reid, Geithner, Krugman and Boehner were only able to pay attention to the first part of Keynesian economics. Bastiat, in the video, clearly expresses the obvious: if you give money to people who produce, you grow the economy. While the Keynesian cabal gives money to non-producers for no production. With Bastiat, saving produces a gain, growth and a product. While with Keynes the spending produces no growth, nor new product. For the hard workers, consider the Roman galley ship model. If you feed some of the slaves without requiring rowing, the dead weight of all the eating–but not rowing-slaves and their missed output slows the Roman galley and allows the Carthaginian galley to overtake them. Excess compassion destroys production, increasing the load carried by the producers with less for all. The joyous Bastiat carol is followed by more modern Hayek carol.

A condensed pdf version of Hayek’s book, “Road to Serfdom,” is available in a Reader’s Digest version (published 1945). The link has an added cartoon version at the end. The cartoon is simplified for the ordinary thinking-challenged Obamites.

Replace Obama as leader in the cartoon version. Obama on page 3 promises a Utopia. Obama on page 7 sells his plan with a controlled press. Obama on page 9 promises to make the plan work. Obama on page12 demonizes the rich and Republicans. Obama and Michelle on page17 plan your diet and exercise. A serf loses liberty to receive the security of his much wiser Lord planning for him.

Have a Merry Christmas. Santa Obama and his plans have arrived. Hold on tight to your cash. Santa Obama’s elves, Bernanke, Geithner et al, want you to spend on stocks and houses. Santa Obama’s media is singing his carols. The Sugar Plum Celebrities dance and sing to express their love of Obama. The prancing elves at the Bureau of Labor Statistics proclaim things are rapidly improving. The Goldman elves want you to sell your gold. Santa Obama gives today and will take tomorrow.

Santa Obama has already visited Paris. In France,  Minister for Energy and Environment Delphine Batho recently proposed a light curfew to pertain to “in and outside shops, offices, and public buildings” between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. beginning next July. “The “lights out” edict is just another piece of evidence of a disturbing truth: the road to serfdom is not ahead of the West; we have already reached its end. Being a serf means you never have to worry about your job’s security.

Thanks to the very talented Mr. Papola at cafehayek.com

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  1. Koala

    It makes perfect sense but this will not convince the “true believers”.


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