Gun Control Advocate: If Criminal Has Semi-Auto Weapon And You Don’t, ‘You’re Fucked’

Yeah, he really said that….

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  1. Ilion

    Gun Control Advocate: If Criminal Has Semi-Auto Weapon And You Don’t, ‘You’re Fucked’

    Clearly, therefore, the only logical course of action is to make it impossible for law-abiding citizens to become not-fucked.


  2. Uncle Rick

    “If Criminal Has Semi-Auto Weapon And You Don’t”

    OK. But what if I do have a semi-automatic gun? Liberals never follow their thoughts to their logical conclusions.

  3. Ford_Prefect

    WDC, in most states that are given the term “Class 3” states, you can own a fully automatic weapon if you get a Class 3 permit.

    Now, if a criminal wants to get one, all they have to do is visit the black market.  Us law abiding types are fucked.

  4. IT Nerd

    If a criminal has any sort of gun, doesn’t matter if it is full auto, semi-auto, revolver or muzzle loader, if it happens to be loaded, you are pretty much fucked.


    If you also have a gun, and live by the creed “Gun Control is hitting your target with one shot’ then most likely you will come out ahead in the situation.

    • Igor

      Gun control is using BOTH hands…

      I’m on Coumadin, I shake like a leaf after a few seconds.  It sucks.

  5. WDC

    Automatic weapons have been illegal for regular citizens to possess.

    The commercial sale of semi-automatic assault style or looking weapons was outlawed during the clinton Administration and that particular ban expired whenever.

    Semi-automatics have never been banned except in liberal bastions like NY, Chicago, DC, and such.


  6. kmacginn

    Soooo, I only know a little bit about guns.  But, isn’t the guy confusing “semi-automatic” weapons with “fully automatic” weapons, and aren’t most firearms (handguns, at least) semi-automatic?  I thought the law was that fully automatic were the banned/illegal ones … or at least until the recent expiration of that ban.

    Seems like a lot of people might be debating an issue while misunderstanding the items being debated.

    • Igor

      You have to get a note from Mother (the BATF) to legally own a fully automatic weapon ( a Class 3 permit), the ones sold over-the-counter are “one pull one bullet”.  Semi-automatic means that the next round is automatically loaded into the chamber, ready for the next triigger pull.  Full auto is for weapons of war, not Civilian use…

      It makes mass murder by hand/long guns difficult.  Not impossible, obviously.  What makes mass murder possible is those freakin’ GUN FREE ZONES.

      Don’t get me started.



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