Someone Had To Say It…

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  1. carolinagirl

    ha … great minds … posted similar yesterday in response to a blog post shared by a friend of mine:  I remember being so angry to have to explain to my young sons about the president and a dress, AIDS, and various other not so dinner table topics that were everywhere and talked about that young minds asked questions of … that was bad enough, the world the little ones encounter today is full of such violence and ugliness. They are growing up at least in the USA with adults running the country promoting everything BUT the Golden Rule – I pray there are many parents out there like Nick Cerda who are answering the questions, keeping their kids informed and allowing them to be children, but with the knowledge they need to grow up and become what this world needs. Compassionate, educated, loving children. Never judge a book by it’s cover, but on the flip side, always be aware. May God Bless Us All…

    This blog post is worth sharing:

  2. Igor

    Thanks to Obambi, millions of parents now have to explain what BOHICA *really* means.


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