WNRR Interview: How About ‘Young People Control’?

I needed to vent.

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  1. GoodMojo

    Midway through my first grade year, we moved to a small town where my grandparents were well known retired school teachers.  Many of their colleagues were still in the classrooms around town, and I came into regular contact with them.  If I got into trouble in school, the details would beat me home.  I thought at the time, that it was very unfair and unfortunate that sometimes the spankings would start in school, and continue once I got home.  I prayed, more than once, that both of my parents would be at home when I got there, making it less likely that both of them would whip me.  I once got five whippings for the same offense (two teachers, the principal, and and both parents).

    I can’t say that it was pleasant, but I learned that there were  lines that were not to be crossed,, and to think things through before following a crowd going the wrong direction.

    I was made very aware that my “comportment” reflected my “raising”. Shame is healthy after committing shameful acts. It makes most people avoid repeating shameful acts.

    Those really were the days…  I just didn’t know it.

  2. Chris

    It was about 18 years ago when my daughter, then 7 or so, was getting a talking to about something.  She thought she might also get a pop on the butt so she warned me.

    “If you touch me I can tell my teacher and you will go to jail.”

    Of course, she learned that in school.

    That is a lot of of power for a child to have.

  3. Igor


    It let’s the crazies, evil people, and attention whores inflict their problems on us.

    Did I just describe Liberal Democrats?  My bad.


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