According To The NY Times, I Am A ‘Puzzle’ And ‘Token’

I’d say they can kiss my black Republican ass, but I don’t know where their mouths have been.

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  1. GW

    So, according to the Prof Reed at the NYT, when a Republican pulls the lever for any sort of minority, it is merely a psychological defense mechanism to hide their own rampant racism from themselves.

    And here I thought racism had something  to do with intolerance based on skin color or tribe..One has to thank Reed for letting us know that its actually simple failure  to support progressive policies nominally labeled as helping blacks. What a truly despicable ass..

    In any rational world, every single black American would have pulled the lever against Obama, a President who has overseen the single greatest economic decimation of blacks since WWII. They would not vote for a party that puts teachers union interests far ahead of the education of their children. They would not vote for a party whose commitment to the welfare state has done nothing positive for blacks, and indeed, has been one of the prime drivers in tearing apart the black family unit. They would not vote for a party that promises them a few handouts, but does not promise them jobs and advancement. The plight of far too many blacks in America today is an inexcusable and unnecessary tragedy.

    False charges of racism and tokenism are a two fold attack – one to mine white guilt and two, to keep minorities on the democratic plantation.  The left needs to balkanize America to keep their power base – and the fact is, they are close to succeeding.  Mr. Parks, my hats off to you.  “Fuck you” is the only appropriate verbal response to Prof. Reed and the NYT.  The only other appropriate response would be, I think, giving them a good, swift kick to the groin.  Repeat until they experience an epiphany.

  2. Iron Mike

    You KNOW where their mouths have been….and we can’t say that on TV!

  3. GoodMojo

    The NYT and all their media lackey cohorts can definitely kiss my Black, conservative ass(The GOP seems to have left conservatives the way the Democrat party once left Reagan).

    In the antebellum South, there were many places where Blacks were the majority population, but exercised no actual power..  Their relative prominence in raw numbers, did not translate to achievable power to improve the lot of the collective.

    Just like the modern Democrat Party!


  4. PB-in-AL

    Hear, hear, Bob!

    “… the home to white supremacists like John C. Calhoun, Preston S. Brooks, Ben Tillman and Strom Thurmond.”

    Yes, Democrats, all.

    “But his politics, like those of the archconservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, are utterly at odds with the preferences of most black Americans.”

    Why must he pander to be accepted? So is a strong contrary opinion only available to the “white man”, NYT?

    “Just as white Southern Democrats once used cynical manipulations…”

    WOW! First recognition of the Democrat historical racism by a leftie, too bad he equivocates and projects weakness where a strong conservative opinion stood (I’m thinking particularly of Clarence Thomas).

    “All four black Republicans who have served in the House since the Reagan era … were elected from majority-white districts.”

    And that indicates? Oh, right…

    “There is little that connects these men to mainstream black politics or to the country’s first two black senators, Hiram R. Revels and Blanche K. Bruce…”

    Yeah, “black politics”. Weeell, there was one little detail that does, indeed, connect these men to their forebears in office: they were all elected and served as Republicans.

    “…symbols don’t make for coherent policies.”

    ha ha ha! Tell that to the Campaigner in Chief!



  5. JenniDi

    I grew up in a home where we were taught that everyone was equal, and I’ve always surrounded myself with like minded people. As a result, racism was something that I learned about, but have always felt removed from. The only real racism that I’ve seen in my entire life as been the hateful, horrible things that liberals say to black republicans. The irony is so blatant it’s painful.

  6. Igor

    So, who cares what the New Yawk Slimes says, anyway?

    “Full of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.”

  7. Mommy RN

    OMFG, as if we needed more proof that the NYT is full of crap written by idiots.

    • Igor

      You’re up early – have fun on your slide to work…  🙂

      • Mommy RN

        LOL, no, I was up late (night shift)… so it was a slide home…. on the plus side, I’m not back until Friday night, so who knows, maybe that was my last shift!

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