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Yes, grief with the president and donate (isn’t the campaign over and who are they still paying?)

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  1. Sojourner

    The election is over.

    You lost.   Elections have consequences.

  2. GoodMojo

    I am glad this is just a screenshot, because I seriously cannot stand to hear the president’s voice anymore.  I that bad?

    • Igor

      A very *natural* reaction to avoiding pain.  Don’t worry about it!  🙂

  3. Grunt

    C’mon now…don’t tell me you expected something like TACT and MODESTY from this Administration…time ta pony up the pound of flesh!

    (BTW new page graphics look good! Nice to see the face of the … Host? Blogger?…Journalist! Ah, you get my meaning. LOL)

  4. Koala

    It has not yet been announced but he is running for a third term. He will need another four years to “fix” the problems he could not fix in eight years.

  5. Igor

    Gotta pay the Danegeld, Bob, ’cause we sure as h*** ain’t gettin’ rid of the Dane.


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