LaPierre Comments On Newtown Shootings

Probably the best interrupted speech I’ve ever heard.

  • The Machine

    Is there really a game called, “Kindergarden Killers”…?

  • GoodMojo

    Of course, he is ‘dead on’.  Oops.  Can’t say that!

  • Igor


    Statistics don’t lie, you useless liberal idiots.  You must be insane, you keep doing the same stupid things over and over again and keep expecting different results.  Just WHO is the idiot here??

  • Clearly a leader and not a speaker, but it was well said. Not that the media will take it as such, of course. The war against the media continues…

    (on a completely unrelated note, it’s been a while since I’ve been back to the site. Like the new header, Bob! Looks good!)

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